What people should know about making money online

Welcome back or just welcome, today I am going to write short article what people should know about making money online. Nowadays it become more popular to try earn money from internet but mostly people fail because they don’t understand how everything works.

Firstly, people thinks that everything is easy but it’s complicated. I wrote about few ways how to earn some extra money but I forgot that people don’t understand main rules of internet. 

Money don’t grow on the trees so people don’t waste them. Yes, everyone knows it but why I write about it? Because I wasted a lot of my time to understand why it’s hard to sell something and of course I need to waste more time on it but at least now I can share some observations.

Sellers don’t understand what buyers wants. Okey, everyone knows that if someone want to make money they must have a product-product that would be worthy of attention. BUT PRODUCT ADVERTISING IS MORE IMPORTANT. I don’t know why but still I see silly ads when I scroll my Facebook and these offered products are completely irrelevant to me. Come on I am 20 and ad offers for me to buy gardening tools. Will I buy it? Firstly I don’t need it, secondly it’s a tool which I can buy at a similar price in local shop. I want to explain a simple thing that if you want to sell something you need to understand what kind of people would buy it and it can be really hard if you don’t use that product. 

If you still don’t get it I’ll give you a simple tip. Before selling a product think about think about these things.

Would you buy it?

Before publishing product ask yourself : would I use it, would I wear it? Ask your family members and friends. You need to know what other people think about your product.

Is it worth money?

Ask yourself is it worth money and of course ask you friends. Best option is not to tell them that this is yours and you will know the truth.

Is it worth of waiting?

Before publishing a product you need to understand that shipping can take some time so you need to consider is it worth for someone to order your product. As I wrote before Facebook ad offered for me to buy gardening tools. The main reason  why I would not buy these tools is shipping. I want to explain that I could buy these tools in local shops so why I should buy it? 

What kind of people could buy it?

Most important part is to understand what kind of people could buy it. You need to understand that different age groups looks for different products. And again I will use that example with gardening tools. In Facebook when you put ad you set age group, country sex and even use tags to target best possible audience for your product. That gardening tools seller maybe thought that my age people would buy his product but he was wrong. Maybe he is a young farmer and he thought and other people are like him. People must analyze different cultures in different countries to understand what people wants to buy.

Last words 

It’s my personal opinion so I don’t know am i right but this works for me. I think that there are more rules and tactics but still maybe some of these will be useful. 


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